It’s hard for anyone who uses Instagram to have escaped the #100happydays infiltrating your newsfeed over the last year. For those who have the challenge is to take a photo of something that made you happy for 100 days, with the hope that you will see the joy in everyday life throughout the challenge and beyond.

A few months ago I was having a spot of the blues. Although I’ve always tried to appreciate the little things in life, a combination of my reduced income and adjusting to life in a new city and a different university left me feeling a little overwhelmed and a bit ‘meh’ about life. So one boredom filled evening came and I thought ‘why the hell not?’

Now the challenge is over I really feel like I’ve benefitted from it in a number of ways. What I found most challenging was submitting on days when I had a truly miserable day. One day in particular something awful happened at work and I came home in tears. When I remembered I had to submit something it forced me to evaluate the whole day and think: yes today on the whole has been inexplicably awful, but this hoody I’m wearing is jolly comfy and this cup of tea is working wonders. Therefore I’ve definitely learnt to stop writing off the whole day as a bad job.

As silly as it sounds I’m also proud of myself for actually committing to something for 100 days without giving up. I can’t think of a time I’ve ever committed to a project for that long. Its shown me that I’m capable of seeing through a personal goal, even when no one was asking me to or checking up on me. I can’t wait to use that new found skill to carry on with this blog! It’s become part of my routine so much I’ve thought about it every day since like, what would I have submitted today?

Below are most of my submissions sans the captions which explained most of them, sorry!– mixed with other instagram photos I took over the last 100 or so days. Enjoy.


Now I challenge you !


Why I, an adult, have a colouring book

In light of my New Years Resolutions to save more money and do more arts and crafts I got thinking about what sort of things I could do to meet them. Now, my reasons for saving money are fairly obvious (I’m skint) but the reason I wanted to get back into arts and crafts is because I spent all of my free time as a child drawing, painting, colouring and generally making things. I found that when I did tasks like this I was always engrossed on the project alone, and the days seemed to last a little longer, whereas now I can’t even watch TV without checking Facebook-twitter-instagram at the same time. My mind buzzes along all day like a little bee, time whizzes by and I can’t deny this is the reason for a lot of my stress. Therefore I resolve to include more mind-quieting activities into my daily routine.

When wandering around Waterstone’s (A bookstore for any lovely readers not familiar) and happened upon this adult colouring book (pictured above) and thought this fit the bill perfectly. As a student, who also spends a lot of time on placements I don’t have the time or money to spend on fancy art supplies and creating something to rival Van Gogh on a daily basis. How simple (and mess free) is it to sit with a colouring book and just mindlessly colour ready-made gorgeous artwork? You can even leave off wherever and come back to it whenever you’re ready, without the hassle of cleaning up one day and setting back up again the next.

Below is an example of a page I’ve been working on this week. I’m not even thinking too much about making it match-matchy with the colours because I just want the book to feel free, no wrong or right.

It’s already making a difference to my days in the short time I’ve had it and I recommend anyone doing the same!

TIP: For an even more frugal way to do this you could google free colouring pages and print them off! This would be good also to test whether you enjoy it before you dedicate spending money on a book. For me though, I think the price of the book is cheap in art-supplies terms and it will probably take me most of the year to fill up at the rate I’m going!