It’s hard for anyone who uses Instagram to have escaped the #100happydays infiltrating your newsfeed over the last year. For those who have the challenge is to take a photo of something that made you happy for 100 days, with the hope that you will see the joy in everyday life throughout the challenge and beyond.

A few months ago I was having a spot of the blues. Although I’ve always tried to appreciate the little things in life, a combination of my reduced income and adjusting to life in a new city and a different university left me feeling a little overwhelmed and a bit ‘meh’ about life. So one boredom filled evening came and I thought ‘why the hell not?’

Now the challenge is over I really feel like I’ve benefitted from it in a number of ways. What I found most challenging was submitting on days when I had a truly miserable day. One day in particular something awful happened at work and I came home in tears. When I remembered I had to submit something it forced me to evaluate the whole day and think: yes today on the whole has been inexplicably awful, but this hoody I’m wearing is jolly comfy and this cup of tea is working wonders. Therefore I’ve definitely learnt to stop writing off the whole day as a bad job.

As silly as it sounds I’m also proud of myself for actually committing to something for 100 days without giving up. I can’t think of a time I’ve ever committed to a project for that long. Its shown me that I’m capable of seeing through a personal goal, even when no one was asking me to or checking up on me. I can’t wait to use that new found skill to carry on with this blog! It’s become part of my routine so much I’ve thought about it every day since like, what would I have submitted today?

Below are most of my submissions sans the captions which explained most of them, sorry!– mixed with other instagram photos I took over the last 100 or so days. Enjoy.


Now I challenge you !