Low spend weekend- valentines edition!


For those unfamiliar, my partner and I have set ourselves the challenge of having low-spend or preferably NO SPEND weekends as much as we can this year to help save the precious pennies. After many weeks of very un-blog-worthy weekends, basically revolving around lie ins and Netflix, heres a slightly more exciting little round up what we got up to this valentines weekend.

Saturday AM

Exchange of cards. We had agreed not to buy presents but Elliot cheekily broke that rule and got me Fleur de Forces new book, a single rose and my favourite treat; Malteasers. I did feel mildly guilty for not getting him a present but it was only his birthday last week in my defence!


Next on the agenda, filter coffee and a homemade breakfast of toast and eggs. We did attempt a pinterest-like heart shape in the middle of the toast, with the idea that the egg filled in the gap, however it was a total disaster. It was still edible though so of course we did gobble it up.

My parents were popping round for lunch, so we quickly spring cleaned the flat and I made homemade breaded chicken burgers and sweet potato wedges. I’d been inspired by the BBC’s programme ‘Eat well for less’ (side track: this show makes me want to throttle everyone on it for their stupidity with money but thats a different story). It’s a simple case of dipping chicken in some egg, rolling in breadcrumbs and herbs and bunging in the oven for half an hour. Job done.

Saturday PM 

Parents came. THEY BROUGHT CREAM BUNS! also a bottle of wine. We felt very spoilt. Their visit took up several hours of the afternoon and it was really lovely to see them as usual.

Later, we got into our PJ’s and dragged the duvet into the living room for our Saturday night ritual of The Voice drinking game. To play: drink every time Tom Jones name drops or says YEAH, Rita Ora hugs someone who cries, Will.I.Am makes a metaphor or Ricky says something northern.

For snacks I made us homemade tortilla chips (cut up tortilla wrap, fry it and add salt) with peri peri drizzled hummus I made using some nando’s drizzle. For those who order the hummus at Nandos, we took home the tiny little bottle of drizzle you get on the side when we went last week as we only had half, and used the other half last night. 


Sunday AM

Lovely coffee in bed made by Elliot’s fair hands, followed by dippy egg and soldiers! We realised we don’t own egg cups so we had to chop up the egg box and make do!


Next stop, The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds (we literally live round the corner so its criminal not to have visited!). Admission is totally free (bonus) but the parking did cost £3.50 (our first actual spend of the weekend)



The museum was great, my favourite thing was the elephant armour you can see pictured. On the way home we did stop for a cheeky coffee out costing us £.5.49.

Sunday PM

Played on the wii for half an hour. Elliot won as usual. Arsehole. JUST KIDDING 🙂

We’ve been meaning to cover a canvas we had for our bedroom so we decided to crack on with that. What actually happened was Elliot cracked on with it, while I started knitting with some spare wool I found. I managed to quickly knock up this cute little mug cosy! Not so bad if I do say so myself.


As I type, it is Sunday 6pm and Elliot is currently sewing felt butterflies onto the canvas. I will insert a photo here later when it is done!

When I’m finished here, I’m going to make a “Fake-away” curry and poppadum for our dinner, and we are going to don PJ’s and watch ‘Call the Midwife’ and ‘The Casual Vacancy’ on BBC.

Total spend for the weekend: £8.99. Not bad at all 🙂 













The 10 stages of shopping in LUSH

Lush products

1) You are innocently walking down the high street. The idea of buying a soap made of 80% glitter hasn’t entered your imagination yet today….and then BAM. You are hit with a smell of soap so powerful you worry you might have to use your asthma inhaler.

2) Your head whips round to identify the source of the aforementioned smell. You didn’t know there was a LUSH here! You simply must go in for a browse! Would be rude not to…

3) Hello lovely shop assistant. Yes you would like a free catalogue. Oh, yes you’ll take a basket but you’re only browsing… just being polite…

4) OOOH it’s *insert name* birthday next week maybe she might like something from LUSH. Perhaps you should sniff all of the soaps for her. What a good friend you are.

5) You notice a new face cream. You suddenly realise how dry your face has DEFINITELY been feeling and didn’t you JUST say you wanted to get a good skincare regime going?

6) Well if you’re improving your skincare regime maybe you should have a look at the face masks while you are there…

7) You remember how you can take the little black pots back for a free face mask so really this impromptu shopping spree is an investment. You are so great at money saving.

8) and LUSH is eco-friendly so really you’re helping out the environment too.

9) Come to think of it you might start buying ALL vegetarian beauty products. Maybe you’ll even become a vegetarian…

10) Hand over your products to the cashier. Justify the price you just paid by the fact you can recycle the cute paper bag when you get home, now that you are an eco-warrior and everything.

Hope you enjoyed the 10 stages of shopping in LUSH! Of course this is all in good humour, I am obsessed with LUSH products, I think their branding is fantastic and have never yet been disappointed with their products. Reviews to come!

Laura x