Low cost health and fitness for newbies


Along with all the other resolutioner’s, January was the start of a new health and fitness regime. The thing is, the last thing I wanted to do after Decembers festive spend-a-thon was go out and spend money on it. So I did what any wobbly woman would do and raided my existing stash, did some googling and planned.

To give you a bit of background, around 5 years ago I was slightly overweight but otherwise very active. I joined weight watchers and lost around 21 pounds, and was working out every night. Its probably the best I’ve ever felt in my life, both within myself and about myself. Then came my first three years of university life, which saw me sitting at a desk most of the time, and drinking and eating takeaways the rest. Of course, I gained back my weight and then some.

In my third year (2014) I decided I wanted to do something about my weight re-gain so I joined Slimming World online, absolutely loved the plan and lost about a stone before I went through a really tough time in my personal life. At this point I focused all my energy on my mental wellbeing and put my wibbly wobble to the back of my mind for pretty much the rest of 2014.

I’ve come to a point now where I’m feeling positive about life again and I’m ready to enjoy whatever life throws at me next, so the following is what I’ve started doing to edge my way back into a healthier lifestyle.

1. Going it alone with Slimming World – I no longer have the online account, but I do know exactly how to do the diet so as of a week ago today I am fully in control of whats going in my body! As I rarely see my partner on weekdays due to his job, I’ve decided to be 100% committed during the week and indulge slightly on a weekend, so he doesn’t miss out on his weekend treats and I have something to keep me motivated.

2. Using herbal teas for their true benefits- Black tea for antioxidants and a caffeine kick. Green for kicking my metabolism up the backside. Peppermint for a digestion aid (and to relieve trapped wind sorry tmi). I’m not sure if this is just me but I find teas quite filling, peppermint is especially good because to be honest it makes me feel a bit blergh after a bit and totally turns me off snacking for half an hour or so which can be good when I know I’m not actually hungry just bored.

3. Free fitness- Although using gyms has been valuable to me in the past, I am in no position to pay for one at the moment. I do however already own the Just dance game on the wii and have access to youtube, both of which I’ve been testing the waters of in january. Youtube is one of the best resources for free exercise videos, and best of all you can choose the length to suit you. My favourites are Blogilates and Yoga with Adrienne.

For those brave enough to take their wobble into the outside world theres nothing like a jolly good walk and even a run if you’re really energetic.

4. Sourcing cheap equipment/fashion- At first I began my exercise in devours using the rug in my living room as a yoga mat. I’ve since upgraded to a black yoga mat from Primark for £5. When not in use its kept in the corner of the living room, making Elliot and I look super sporty.

As for weights, long ago I used to use bottled water or tins of food while I did my work out vids, but last year I picked up the ones pictured above in TK Max. They tend to do cheap sports equipment around January, as most stores do. Damn you shops for cashing in on our January jiggle.

Stuck for what to wear? I have a huge stack of highly attractive old pairs of leggings, baggy (mostly stained) tops and one good pair of trainers. Although the psychology of buying nice work out clothes to motivate you will work for a few days, if you don’t have true motivation for working out it won’t stick and you’ll end up with a drawer full of lycra reminding you of failure. Save your money until you get to your healthiest body and treat yourself then.

5. Inner me Energise Me vitamins. Click here to view them. I cannot thank this company enough for existing. I bought this course of vitamins on a total whim (hence the slightly pricey-ness) because I’ve been so fatigued for months and I was completely desperate to try anything that might work. I was totally sceptical and expected a trip to the doctors to get some tests done after these vitamins failed, but they have totally surprised me. I am overjoyed with how much better I feel after 2 weeks on these. I am aiming to get a full review of them done soon when I am closer to finishing the 28 day pack, but I can already promise you a positive one. If your interested, check back on this blog soon!

6. Write it down. Find a notebook, or a section in your diary, to use as a tracker. Writing down everything you eat and what exercise you do helps you to see what you’re doing well and how you might improve.

An Ideal day on my new plan

7am- wake up, take vitamin tablet, make slimming world breakfast

(Example: Omelette, made using low calorie cooking spray)

8am- commute to Uni or work

 Lecture/ Work SIP LOTS OF WATER!

Break- snack on fruit or veg sticks with hummus. Green or black tea.


Lunch- packed lunch, usually a salad, pasta salad or sandwich. Another good thing to include is a  Muller light yoghurt. (Or often lidl or aldi’s versions!). Water, green or black tea.

More Uni /Work

Home- If its still early I might grab a snack like fruit or a >1% mugshot pasta. Otherwise I might cook my dinner at this point. Again sticking to the slimming world theme!

Down time- catching up on internet goings on/ blogs/ youtube/ homework. Probably another tea (sorry, I am British after all)

Exercise- I prefer evening exercise because I’m busy during the day and quite honestly too lazy to get up early!

Shower and do my skincare routine 

Get everything I need ready for the next day

Watch some Netflix or read with a peppermint tea

Go to bed! 

Have you any cheap health and fitness advice to share ?