Low spend trip to London :)


Long time, no post dear readers! That’s because Elliot and I have been very busy bees recently with starting our own allotment, going away for a city break in London, rekindling old hobbies and just plain old chilling out. Never fear, our lives still as cheap as ever!

So, the topic of todays post is how we kept down the cost of a 4 day trip to London.

First and foremost is the travel expenses. We live in Leeds which gives us three options for travel: Train, Car or Coach. We explored every option and found that we could get the two of us to London and back to Leeds for just £19.50 on the MegaBus. Absolute bargain. Yes, it is five hours each way on this service, but we just made it part of the relaxation time of the trip. Plus they have free wifi– result!

Secondly, where did we stay? Well the accommodation cost is usually the killer of a city break so we phoned in a favour from a friend who recently moved to London, who very kindly let us stay with her free of charge! Yes, kipping at a friends house isn’t the most glamorous option but we decided we’d rather save money and spend it on all the activities to do while we were there. The bonus of course is getting lots of time with a best friend we rarely see, thanks by the way Daisy!


Thirdly, we found a package deal for some of the attractions we wanted to visit. As Madame Toussauds, the London Eye and the SeaLife Aquarium are all owned by the Merlin company, we got all three attractions for £55 each. As we had never been to any of these we thought it was a good offer, particularly taking into account the price of each attraction individually. Of course we did visit free touristy places including The National Portrait Gallery, Camden Market (No purchases made), Covent Garden, Nelson’s column and all that jazz. We could easily have spent nothing on entertainment though theres soon much free shizz to do in London!




If you’re wondering, we travelled mainly by tube using Oyster cards, for which I was very excited to be an owner of, as they remind me of the scene in Harry Potter where Mr Weasley tries to copy the muggles on the tube who slap their Oyster cards on the scanner, by smacking it and trying to walk through the closed barrier. Hilarious.

Other than that, of course we bought meals out and even had a few not-really-necessary coffees but come on fellow money savers, it was a holiday!

Happy Holidaying !


A walk in the park


Two of Elliot and I’s new years resolutions are to exercise more and spend more time on the weekends doing activities, aka spend less time wandering aimlessly around shopping malls (ergo spending less money and meeting resolution number 3 of saving more!)

There really is something wonderful about a walk outside on a chilly winters day. The lake in the park was frozen over, but the fountain was still gushing, which made for some gorgeous photographs. I’d love to go back to this park a lot this year and see how it changes with the seasons.

Here’s me, doning my finest jack wills gilet, joules jumper and zara riding boots in an attempt to channel my countryside chic. I grew up spending my days at a stable yard so this kind of outfit really feels like home.


I also snapped some photos of Elliot, who although I’m biased, looked mighty fine that day 🙂


We then finished the day in a not-so-money-saving style by ending it with a good old fashioned Sunday lunch at our favourite pub just down the road.