A walk in the park


Two of Elliot and I’s new years resolutions are to exercise more and spend more time on the weekends doing activities, aka spend less time wandering aimlessly around shopping malls (ergo spending less money and meeting resolution number 3 of saving more!)

There really is something wonderful about a walk outside on a chilly winters day. The lake in the park was frozen over, but the fountain was still gushing, which made for some gorgeous photographs. I’d love to go back to this park a lot this year and see how it changes with the seasons.

Here’s me, doning my finest jack wills gilet, joules jumper and zara riding boots in an attempt to channel my countryside chic. I grew up spending my days at a stable yard so this kind of outfit really feels like home.


I also snapped some photos of Elliot, who although I’m biased, looked mighty fine that day 🙂


We then finished the day in a not-so-money-saving style by ending it with a good old fashioned Sunday lunch at our favourite pub just down the road.




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