The 10 stages of shopping in LUSH

Lush products

1) You are innocently walking down the high street. The idea of buying a soap made of 80% glitter hasn’t entered your imagination yet today….and then BAM. You are hit with a smell of soap so powerful you worry you might have to use your asthma inhaler.

2) Your head whips round to identify the source of the aforementioned smell. You didn’t know there was a LUSH here! You simply must go in for a browse! Would be rude not to…

3) Hello lovely shop assistant. Yes you would like a free catalogue. Oh, yes you’ll take a basket but you’re only browsing… just being polite…

4) OOOH it’s *insert name* birthday next week maybe she might like something from LUSH. Perhaps you should sniff all of the soaps for her. What a good friend you are.

5) You notice a new face cream. You suddenly realise how dry your face has DEFINITELY been feeling and didn’t you JUST say you wanted to get a good skincare regime going?

6) Well if you’re improving your skincare regime maybe you should have a look at the face masks while you are there…

7) You remember how you can take the little black pots back for a free face mask so really this impromptu shopping spree is an investment. You are so great at money saving.

8) and LUSH is eco-friendly so really you’re helping out the environment too.

9) Come to think of it you might start buying ALL vegetarian beauty products. Maybe you’ll even become a vegetarian…

10) Hand over your products to the cashier. Justify the price you just paid by the fact you can recycle the cute paper bag when you get home, now that you are an eco-warrior and everything.

Hope you enjoyed the 10 stages of shopping in LUSH! Of course this is all in good humour, I am obsessed with LUSH products, I think their branding is fantastic and have never yet been disappointed with their products. Reviews to come!

Laura x